The Sherwood Graphists | -)G(- | Sherwood Dungeon's Official Art Group


So, you want to join us?

Joining -)G(- is a simple process : 

- Submit 3 pieces of YOUR OWN art on this guestbook.

- Sign up into the site (create membership)

- Upload your art in an album with the name ))YourName Graphism((

For more information, read the -)G(- rules HERE


Requesting art? 

Refer to the "Request a Picture" page in the Navbar to do so. Please be clear in your requests. They will be fulfilled as soon as possible - Hopefully!


No spamming, trashtalk, or discussing personal stuff. Constructive criticism will be tolerated. There is a 3 post limit, so good luck spamming.

(Made by Alegra) 

For those having trouble accessing the guestbook, a direct link to it is HERE.