The Sherwood Graphists | -)G(- | Sherwood Dungeon's Official Art Group

(Don't Hate)
 To join -)G(- you must:
  •  Submit 3 pieces of art on the -)G(- Book or to Backstabber or Deadly's MSN.
  •  Create an album with your name in it e.g. ))Spirit Graphism(( and upload all your art into it, if given the go-ahead by Backstabber or Deadly.
 Remember to:
  •  Introduce yourself on the -)G(- Book when you first join.
  •  Keep your album up to date.
  •  (Optional) Design yourself a unique -)G(- design to be added to the memberlist under your name.
  •  Upload any renders you wish to let people use to the -)G(- Render Site.
 Penalties and Punishments:
  •  If you intentionally plagarise (In other words steal somebody's work and credit it as your own, such as cropping out copyright on someone's picture and claim it's yours) your album will be removed from the site and your name removed from the members list.
  •  If you cheat in a competition (e.g. toying with votes) you are not allowed to enter the next competition.
That's all there is to it, really...


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