The Sherwood Graphists | -)G(- | Sherwood Dungeon's Official Art Group

This is just a massive THANK YOU to all the people that have helped make -)G(- what it is today, and all the pr0 artists we have accepted over time.
You can earn your way onto this list by contributing to -)G(- in similar ways to these people did.

Let's start with Duchy. She's the one who founded the group and her faith made -)G(- possible. We all have her to thank for the amazing amount of effort put into the group. Thank you for making this possible. <3

 AlegrA is slowly becoming one amazing artist - Starting from basic effects and improving with each picture she creates. You know she's going to surpass us all eventually. Proud of you, AlegrA. ;D

One of the most well-known artists in -)G(-. He puts every last ounce of effort into every picture he does and it shows - 9573289178956 effects per pic = Pr0. You know I'm right. <3

Ever since I kinda forced her to join, she's improved with every picture, and none of them look at all the same. Hence diversity. Proud you've come this far and hope there's more pr0ness to come. <3

Errin is simply the most inspirational artist -)G(- has and probably will ever had. Her work convinced me and others to get into art and stay dedicated. Thank you so much on behalf of most -)G(-.
 R.I.P. Errin.

95748527389512735893 light beams per pic. I mean seriously.. You gotta love this guy. Not only are his ideas epic but the lighting and stuff he does on them.. *.*

Looking at her pics, you can tell she works on every single detail, making the result just that little bit more perfect. It's artists with this kind of determination that -)G(- is especially proud of. <3

Lately he's been into animating - But that hasn't stopped him from expressing his artistic side through it. He puts extreme amounts of effort into everything he does, and the result is stunning.

100% deserving of this award. Perfecting every render in every picture she makes - Without her effort there wouldn't be as many artists as there are today. Her effort deserves a reward like this. <3


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